Unlock Your Baby’s Genius Potential for a Future of Limitless Possibilities       

By Grace Riyas Whole Brain Acceleration & Holistic Parenting Coach

Learn the 3 key secrets to maximizing your baby’s whole (right) brain development while establishing a strong connection that will last a lifetime.

What Are You Going to Learn?

3 Key Secrets to Awaken Your Baby’s Genius Potential


Secret #1: 

Demystify the Genius Architect

Uncover the incredible capabilities of your baby's developing brain and learn how to harness its limitless power.

Secret #2: 

How to Awaken the Genius Nurturer Within

Delve inward to activate your innate nurturing genius that holds the key to unlocking your child’s genius potential.

Secret #1: 

How to Nurture to Unlock the Genius Potential

Discover practical strategies and methods for nurturing the genius brain.

Who is it for?

➤ Are you a busy parent with children aged 0-3 years?
The first 3 years of a child’s life is called the “age of genius.” It is when the foundations for all future learning, growth and development are laid.

Confused what to do or how to start nurturing your child’s early brain development?

➤ Are you burdened by GUILT?
Worried you are not dedicating enough time supporting your baby's learning & growth?

➤ Are you grappled with FOMO?
Afraid that your child might be left behind in this competitive world?

➤ Are you striving to be CONFIDENT?
Seeking knowledge and tools to support your child's innate potential.

What Parents Say?

As a new mom, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible to support my child’s development. LURN BABY GENIUS has been a game-changer for us. The activities are so engaging that my son absolutely loves it. Recently, my mother even commented that my 3-year-old knows more than she does and that made me so happy and proud. I am truly grateful for your program and the positive impact it has had on me and my son.

- Eniola

I am so glad we discovered your Baby Genius program. Our 2 year old daughter is making incredible progress and has even started reading and recognizing numbers. We never thought such achievements were possible at such a young age. It’s truly amazing. We can’t recommend your program enough.

- Saanvi

I was blown away by the information presented in the webinar. You are so knowledgeable and passionate about children. The analogy about the brain and the common views about learning that you shared was an eye-opener for me. To be honest, I have a lot of unlearning to do. Thank you for providing such great value.

- Damini

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About Grace Riyas

Hello, I’m Grace!

I am a Whole Brain Development & Holistic Parenting Coach. I have helped 7000+ parents & educators over the last 5 years.

I have had the privilege of learning about early (brain)childhood development and parenting from some of the world's top universities and mentors.

My passion for unlocking the inner genius in every child has helped me build a unique model that empowers parents to tap into their child’s limitless potential while maximizing learning.

My mission is to help parents become confident nurturers, fostering well-rounded children who can reach their fullest potential in life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend this webinar?

This webinar is for parents with children aged 0-3 years. However, if you are an expecting parent, you can also attend this webinar.

How long is this webinar?

It is a 90-min webinar during which I will breakdown the common mistakes you need to avoid and also reveal the 3 secrets to awaken your child's inner genius.

Is this webinar recorded?

No. This is a completely LIVE webinar. No recordings will be provided. So, make sure you attend it!

How to prepare myself for the webinar?

Clear your schedule, find a quiet spot, and remember to bring a notepad and pen for taking notes. Most importantly, come with an open mindset as you are about to learn some incredible secrets and tools to help unleash your child's genius potential while discovering your own innate genius abilities as a nurturer. 

How can I join the webinar?

Click on the registration link and fill out your information. Once registered, you will see a link to join our WhatsApp group where the Webinar meeting links, reminders and updates will be periodically posted. You will also receive emails with the webinar links and WhatsApp group links at the registered email ID.

Will you be offering any paid programs in the webinar?

Absolutely! During the webinar, I will share with you the benefits of joining our LURN Parenting Hub and provide a special offer for those who are ready to embark on this incredible journey with their little one.

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